Why I avoid all Instagram controversies?

It’s like almost every other week that there is a new controversy out there on Instagram or Twitter, where some account seemingly exposes people doing shady stuff, and a million people jump onto their share train, depending on whether it suits their agenda. Now, I would like to clarify right away, and I don’t justify any of the misbehavior that these accounts are trying to bring to people’s notice and neither am I trying to shame people who share posts related to their agenda. I get it, it’s only natural. But I can’t help but notice, how faulty these accusations are sometimes when there is no way to prove them, and why is it only coming from accounts of social media influencers who need followers and new trends. Again, I’m not accusing anybody, I’m just asking – what basis do you have to give out your opinions on these issues?

Legal action taken against the boys part of the Instagram group “boislockerroom”,

Most recently, two days back a post went viral across all social media platforms where a girl shared a screenshot of an Instagram group Boys Locker Room where the boys posted very objectionable content and threatened to rape a girl. Now obviously, this became a huge thing and lots of people shared it with their followers and the social media influencers got content for another week. While this definitely is a big issue and the boys in that group should definitely be taught a lesson, is this really the way to go about it? Whenever ‘leaks’ like this happen, there is an obligatory comment at the end of the post that the person is not sharing this for publicity, but she feels like people should know about this. But is it though? I mean if you tell the police or contact the journalist, your story will naturally be heard eventually. That’s why whenever there is a new controversy on the internet I just ignore it, because chances are that it just ain’t true.

Soon men came out opposing the incident with #girlslockerroom and #notallmen, which in my opinion only increased the problem in a way which could have different only if the situation was handled differently.
Manav Singh killed himself after being publicly shamed on Instagram for alleged rape.

So, am I saying that you should ignore everything that happens to let the people who do such horrendous stuff go away easily? No, absolutely not. I’m just asking you to wait for an official police statement and the court’s decision before you share your opinion. Shame people all you want but only when you’ve seen the whole picture. How many more people do we have to lose before we realize that the judge and jury of the public is not what the world needs?

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