Music Interviews: Italian Rock Band The BlackLava

Songs Voices Never Share

Would you guys please introduce yourselves and explain your role in the band?
Hi everyone, I’m Carlo “Karlo” Loglisci and I’m the frontman (singer and guitarist) of The Blacklava. We are an Italian rock band (obviously the songs are sung in English) with 70s and 90s influences.

Where did you guys meet and how did you form this band?
We started in 2014. Me, Mark (who previously played the guitar) and Gabry (ex bass player). I was already friends with both. We went to a rehearsal room of a metalhead friend of ours and used the logic pro loops as drums. Thinking about it now makes me smile! After two months Gabry introduced us to Diego, a drummer friend of his. We played together for three years and we made an Ep and we were getting ready for the record. While recording the album Gabriele left the band for personal reasons. It had been in the air for some time already. The Blacklava project was going on and he was unable to devote the necessary time and problems in the family made him make the decision. After a short time we decided that Mark would play the bass and that a friend of ours Matteo “Zeta” would play the solo guitarist! we finished the record and we are on tour in Europe and in 2019 Zeta leaves the band for study reasons! Now the training is complete with Francesco “Vip” on guitar! Francesco was our Producer since the first EP.

What kind of music do you make or would like to make in the future?

Difficult question, especially in a lockdown period like this. in 2014 we did Rock / Stoner. later we decided to mix a little and put a lot more rock and now in the last singles we do a rock mkic with influences from the 70s and 90s. This quarantine is changing us and I
don’t know how much it will not be possible to produce music all together. A single that talks about quarantine will soon be released, all created with technology. So acoustic guitar, vocals and electronics. We as artists change based on the period and on what we feel like doing!

What do you enjoy the most about the process of making music together?
I really like the initial part! When I play a simple riff for fun and I sing on it. I find it magical, instinctive! then I like the first part when the embryo becomes music and then the last part is the one I like the least, perhaps because at that point I heard the song 200 times! hahaha. We The Blacklava produce ourselves from the very beginning so we are present and authors of our tracks. maybe if we went to a studio where someone else is behind the mixer the order of pleasure would be different

What are some of your favourite themes to explore through your music?
I like a lot of themes. It depends on the period! now I want to go back to screaming music and / or ballads.

Who are some artists that you love or who you’d say has had a huge influence on your work?
Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Fink, Chet Baker, Black Stone Cherry, Royal Blood. These are the first influences that come to mind that have marked my way of approaching music!

Where can someone looking for your music, find it?
everywhere.Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Itunes, Deezer and more

What’s your favourite part about touring/ doing live performances?
be with my friends and my band before the show, have fun together and then get a little drunk on the stage 🙂

What kind of message would you like to give your fans, through your music?

Almost always a message of lightness and fun and sometimes, even if in very little percentage, some deep reflection on life. But sometimes the reflections are trivial because now they are all poets in the world and the most beautiful reflections have already been made and also a very good way!

Where do you guys see yourselves in the future, or what are you future plans for the band?
I hope that after this pandemic the live activity will resume even more than before and I would like the band to travel a lot abroad!

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