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Music Interviews : Asila

Would you guys please introduce yourselves and explain your role in the band?
Hey guys, we’re Asila! We’re a rock band originally from Johannesburg, South Africa and
now living in Los Angeles, USA. We’ve got Hana on the vocals, Richard on the guitar,
Adrian on the bass and Taryn on the drums.

Where did you guys meet and how did you form this band?
We started out in 2015 in Johannesburg, South Africa. We met through the music scene
and when we formed, we were initially called Revery. But after many member changes we
decided to rename ourselves to Asila in 2018. Musically, we were also quite eclectic
initially, but we settled into a more hard rock style sound when we changed our name.

What kind of music do you make or would like to make in the future?
We’ve got a solid hard rock sound – high energy and powerful songs, but we like to add
elements of blues/ soul music in the vocals to give it more emotion. Our singer is very
influenced by powerful soul singers. We also like to layer our music to give it a slightly
symphonic sound sometimes and to add a bit of interest for those who listen deeply.

What do you enjoy the most about the process of making music together?
We love the experimentation and the exploration of music. It’s a lot of fun to try different
things and vibe off of each other to see where things go. Amazing things can happen in
the moment and it’s a really unique experience. It really connects you as human beings
and as musicians. It’s also great to see a song come together. Something that was at first
just an idea, a few seconds of music being turned into a story.

What are some of your favourite themes to explore through your music?
A common theme in our songs is a message of self empowerment. Our latest song, Hot
Blooded Woman, is a women empowerment song. It’s something that is very relevant
these days. In general, Hana writes from her own life experiences.

Who are some artists that you love or who you’d say has had a huge influence on your
We’ve all been influenced by rock and metal bands. Some of Hana’s favourite artists are
Evanescence, Within Temptation. Adrian’s favourite band is Iron Maiden, Richard loves a
band called Amorphis and Taryn loves incubus.

Where can someone looking for your music, find it?
We’ve got music on all the usual streaming sites like Spotify or Apple Music. We’ve also
got a website at where you can find info and our latest releases.

What’s your favourite part about touring/ doing live performances?
Seeing awesome places and meeting awesome people are our favourite parts. We’re all
introverts though, so the meeting of people can sometimes be stressful. But it’s great to
connect with individuals.

What kind of message would you like to give your fans, through your music?

Just a message of self empowerment, self belief and self kindness. These are hard times,
and sometimes we can be our worst enemy. Be kind to yourself, allow yourself to feel and
release your emotions.

  1. Where do you guys see yourselves in the future, or what are you future plans for the
    In the distant future, hopefully we’ll be making music for a while. It’s a tough industry
    though, so you just never know. Things change really quickly.
    But now, that we’ve released Hot Blooded Woman, we’re working on another two singles.
    Prison In My Heart and Dime In The Rough. Both are already sounding great, so we’re
    excited to get them released soon.

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