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Music Interviews : Heedless Elegance

  1. Would you guys please introduce yourselves and explain your role in the band?
    My name is Samuel Konter, I’m the vocalist of Heedless Elegance.
  2. Where did you guys meet and how did you form this band?
    The idea of creating a band came to our minds around 2015 I think, we were in a rock/metal
    festival in Hungary. Zsolt and I were totally sober and we said to ourselves “lets try it one more
    time, but this time do it for real“. We had projects where we were playing together with Zsolt, but
    something was missing from them, so we decided to follow a path where we’ll be very conscious
    about what we are going to do. Of course we were continuously bumped into problems and
    mistakes, but in a different level. Since the official start of the band which was in 2018, we had
    quite a few band members on each instruments, cause there was always something that came up
    to the surface. Those things were in a scale from ‘problems with the attitude’ to ‘the person literally
    went insane’! But eventually in 2020 the final line up of the band was found and now I can proudly
    say that I’m in a band with amazing musicians and friends: Zsolt Forgó, Mátyás Erős, Dani Varga
    and Albert Csobán. Since than we got into the top 25 “Best Emerging Bands of Hungary” as the
    only metal music group by winning a showcase talent show in Herend and a major governmental
    showcase competition.
  3. What kind of music do you make or would like to make in the future?
  • It is a good question, as much as I know our music deeply now I would say it is that kind of music
    which hits you hard with it’s heaviness but in the same time could make you very emotional with
    it’s melodies. We are paying attention on making this two motives balanced in our music.
  1. What do you enjoy the most about the process of making music together?
  • We were lucky to have time to get together for 3 months to complete our newest album called
    “LIBRA”, the best thing about was the living together!
  1. What are some of your favourite themes to explore through your music?
  • I would choose the entire “LIBRA” album, I’m really proud of this release and all the songs are
    like my children.
  1. Who are some artists that you love or who you’d say has had a huge influence on your work?
  • I started my “career” with Green Day when I was a child, their CD was the first I’ve ever gotten,
    after that step by step I started to fall into the heavier stuffs, first Metallica, than my all time
    favourite band System Of a Down and after all the metalcore deathcore stuffs. I think I can feel the
    impact of these bands in my vision of music, but these days my influences are coming from other
    genres and arts. For example mostly these days I’m only listening to the songs of Twenty One Pilots
    or Ennio Morricone and some electronic musics like Drum and Bass or Goa.
  1. Where can someone looking for your music, find it?
  • You can find us on all of the major social media platforms.
  1. What’s your favourite part about touring/ doing live performances?
  • My dream is to travel all around the world, the best thing is that I’m able to see more and more
    places on our globe.
  1. What kind of message would you like to give your fans, through your music?
  • To be honest, I hope that if someone is listening to our music, especially the new album “LIBRA”
    they will feel something different when they are hearing it, something that makes them say this
    is not just another metalcore-deathcore something, and they want to listen it again and again,
    and find new moments in it every time they are hearing it, and maybe in the future the name will
    grow on the style and someone will say instead of “This is so metalcore”, but “This is so Heedless”.
    I think the message is depending on the listener, he/she need to figure out what is going on and how
    to transform it into their lives.
  1. Where do you guys see yourselves in the future, or what are you future plans for the band?

-With our new album “LIBRA” we hope that we will find new opportunities to show ourselves to the
world, I really believe it will happen. Our plans are to play as many concerts in as many places to
as many people as possible in the next years, and we will continuously work on to make our shows
bigger, smellier, more colourful and more professional. We hope that the belief what we have in our
music, and the attitude we trying to follow will takes us to where we want to be.


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