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The Best (& The Worst) Movies We Watched In 2021 – The Film Dispatch Ep. 1

Hello, and Welcome to The Film Dispatch – a new series from The Mirage, where we go deep into topics from the world of cinema and entertainment and discuss them in an entertaining format.
For our First Episode, we engage in a casual conversation about what we enjoyed/dreaded watching the most in the year 2021, along with what we’re looking forward to in 2022. Apart from our 2021 Retrospective, we also talk about our picks for the Oscars this year, if we were to give out the awards… so stay in tune for that and for what we have coming in the future. This is only the beginning.

People in this Episode :

Nandini Sen –

Rik Bhattacharya –

Somak Mitra –

Soham Bagchi –

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