Hello! I’m Soham Bagchi, the editor of this page.

I started this page as a means to navigate my life better and express my thoughts on topics that interested me or in which I think I might have a valuable opinion to share. If you are reading my blog, hope it means something to you or helps you in some way. Thanks for checking it out.


So, there ain’t much to tell about me. I mean my life’s pretty boring. I just completed my 12th grade exams and now I’m waiting for college, I guess, though I have no idea where I’m gonna go. I really loves films, books, comics, music, painting, etc. So you can understand what most posts in this blog are going to be about. I also love to travel, and would definitely like to post some travel/food blogs. I love writing and it is one the reasons for me to start this blog. So, I hope you like what you read.