Songs Voices Never Share

The Trial of the Dickchopper

When super-powered beings finally started to appear on the face of Earth, it was nothing like what the countless American comics or big-budget Hollywood productions had prepared us for. And naturally, humanity didn’t have any answers. The universe didn’t cherry-pick white American boys (preferably orphans who were picked on as kids in school) who dare… Continue reading The Trial of the Dickchopper

Music Interviews : Rozu

Would you guys please introduce yourselves and explain your role in the band?Hey guys, this is TimGraham (vocals), DJ Sundine (guitar), Henry Navarre (bass), and Brian Robertson (drums). Where did you guys meet and how did you form this band? We all kind of met through different stagesof life in the Denver music scene where… Continue reading Music Interviews : Rozu

Songs Voices Never Share is Now Available as Paperback on Amazon. Get Your Copy Now!

Get your copy of Songs Voices Never Share. Now available on Amazon. “I stand tall in the face of armageddon and pluck my guitar,The words just come to me like drippings of melted sugar.” Songs Voices Never Share chronicles the tale of a lonely bird as he embarks on an epic journey of self-discovery through… Continue reading Songs Voices Never Share is Now Available as Paperback on Amazon. Get Your Copy Now!

Music Interviews : Bleeding Raven

Would you please introduce yourself and explain your project—Bleeding Raven? Dean Mason of Bleeding Raven: “Bleeding Raven” is a very recent project. I have been involved in another project, “Gnostic Gorilla” which has released material that is ‘Gothic’ and ‘industrial’ and generally dark alternative electronic music. I wanted to do an album that was specifically… Continue reading Music Interviews : Bleeding Raven


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