Freedom March

Faceless creatures barking in union,Speeches directed at The ManLike noises hissing into other's souls. Their voices united by the hateTowards the ones in powerWho decide their fate. "Give me freedom!"Someone yells out and the crowdcontinues chanting in a rhythmic hymn. But who has the power to give freedom?Is it something you can ask for?Who is… Continue reading Freedom March

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Why Looking for Alaska on Hulu is the perfect adaptation?

Nostalgia. That is what this show was for me. I was in 7th grade when I read John Green's novel and fell in love with Alaska. Like for real, I loved her. And if it's possible I love her even more now. For all the scenes Alaska Young (Kristen Froseth) was on screen, all I… Continue reading Why Looking for Alaska on Hulu is the perfect adaptation?


“Sing to me, Muse”

Rising Sun in the rear mirror.Brittle breeze sniffing on the red scarfThat she wraps around her neckHiding the tattoo she was given at birth. The wretched river follows us right by the sideOf the road we've been ridin' through all nightThrough dark forests that smell of dead corpseFilled with fireflies and nymphs playing harps. She… Continue reading “Sing to me, Muse”


The Lizard at The Edge of the World

Walking through the roads of oblivion,The path leads me to gloom that's stygianHeard someone on the way say,"Tis' the edge of the world you're movin' towards"But I dunno, all I can see is fucking sand everywhere. My legs need rest but there's no car to hitchhikeAnd my car broke down a long time back,The sun's… Continue reading The Lizard at The Edge of the World


These Walls

There is a wall that separates us,And yet brings us all close.The only ones who survive insideAre the ones who can take its brute force. I've been stuck inside for a lil' while now,But I've already started to loose my mindIt's like a never ending void of snow,No way to get out, from all sides… Continue reading These Walls