The Trial of the Dickchopper

When super-powered beings finally started to appear on the face of Earth, it was nothing like what the countless American comics or big-budget Hollywood productions had prepared us for. And naturally, humanity didn’t have any answers. The universe didn’t cherry-pick white American boys (preferably orphans who were picked on as kids in school) who dare… Continue reading The Trial of the Dickchopper


Apotheosis of a Man cheap sex and meth draw me to my death like the sirens of the sea seducing men into eternal debris neon screens keep me hooked barely enjoying any of it chasing the constant high this is my destiny plugged into this reality i have reached my escape velocity i shall live in the high… Continue reading Apotheosis of a Man


And Then The Bard Spoke

Hanging by the doors, into the windows of mist That carry your arms to me, in a moment of bliss, Carry them like the self loathing bastard you are, Your words don't mean shit in here! They'll grind you and tear you and make you adhere. You are young and you're hopeful, you want to… Continue reading And Then The Bard Spoke