Apotheosis of a Man

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WaIvtjNvdIY cheap sex and meth draw me to my death like the sirens of the sea seducing men into eternal debris neon screens keep me hooked barely enjoying any of it chasing the constant high this is my destiny plugged into this reality i have reached my escape velocity i shall live in the high… Continue reading Apotheosis of a Man

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Music Interviews : Ellis Johnson

1. Would you guys please introduce yourselves and explain your role in the band?Yes, I would. I am Ellis and I am the role in the band.  2. Where did you guys meet and how did you form this band?I met myself, in a back alley, i got to talking with myself, and I said,… Continue reading Music Interviews : Ellis Johnson


How The Half of It defies Its Genre CONVENTIONS

Ellie Chu tells the audience right up in the opening sequence of the film - "This is not a love story", à la the narrator in '500 Days of Summer'. And just like '500 Days of Summer', 'The Half of it' subverts all genre conventions and tropes that people have come to expect, while still… Continue reading How The Half of It defies Its Genre CONVENTIONS

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Music Interviews: “Heart & Hand Grenades” Talk about being a hard rock band based in buffalo.

An Interview with Buffalo based Hard Rock Band "Heart & Hand Grenades".


Orpheus in the Underworld

Late night at the fortress, high, Higher than a kite in the sky, Surrounded by people smelling of piss and sweat Dirty walls holding tears of it's thousand inmates. Segregated and kept separated Beaten and tortured until broken Locked in these cells like animals, who don't cooperate, Spend forever here on charges of crimes against… Continue reading Orpheus in the Underworld


Why I avoid all Instagram controversies?

It's like almost every other week that there is a new controversy out there on Instagram or Twitter, where some account seemingly exposes people doing shady stuff, and a million people jump onto their share train, depending on whether it suits their agenda. Now, I would like to clarify right away, and I don't justify… Continue reading Why I avoid all Instagram controversies?

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Never Have I Ever – Mindy Kaling’s Netflix Dramedy is the perfect depiction of the Struggles of Growing up Desi.

Never Have I Ever, Show Runner - Mindy Kaling A Netflix teen drama starring an Indian lead? Well, that's new and that's exactly what attracted me towards the show the most. The show follows the life of Devi, a first generation Indian-American sophomore living in Southern California, who's trying to re-brand herself and get popular… Continue reading Never Have I Ever – Mindy Kaling’s Netflix Dramedy is the perfect depiction of the Struggles of Growing up Desi.

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An Interview with Irish Alternative Rock Band Stone Sea

Irish Alternative Rock/Indie band Stone Sea talk about making music while still being in college, experimentation, how Nirvana and Black Sabbath inspired them, their message to their fans and more in this article. This is the first interview on this website, so hope you enjoy it!


“Sing to me, Muse”

Rising Sun in the rear mirror.Brittle breeze sniffing on the red scarfThat she wraps around her neckHiding the tattoo she was given at birth. The wretched river follows us right by the sideOf the road we've been ridin' through all nightThrough dark forests that smell of dead corpseFilled with fireflies and nymphs playing harps. She… Continue reading “Sing to me, Muse”


A Kurt Cobain Appreciation post; on his 26th Death Anniversary

Kurt Cobain means a lot to me. Not just his music, but him as person. How does someone who's been dead for longer than I've been alive, affect my life so much? I don't know, but that's the power Kurt had - he influenced and connected with an entire generation. Like Lars Ulrich of Metallica… Continue reading A Kurt Cobain Appreciation post; on his 26th Death Anniversary